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MP board कक्षा दसवीं अंग्रेजी सैंपल पेपर 2022 PDF Download

Class 10th English Sample paper 2022:- एमपी बोर्ड क्लास 10th बोर्ड परीक्षा की तैयारी के लिए इंग्लिश सैंपल पेपर जारी हो चुका है एग्जाम दीप डॉट कॉम वेबसाइट पर छात्रों अगर आप भी क्लास 10th के छात्र हैं और बोर्ड परीक्षा की तैयारी कर रहे हैं तो यह पोस्ट आपके लिए बहुत महत्वपूर्ण होने वाली है क्योंकि इस पोस्ट में हम आपके लिए क्लास 10th इंग्लिश सैंपल पेपर लेकर आए हैं यह सैंपल पेपर आपकी बोर्ड परीक्षा की तैयारी करने में आपकी बहुत मदद करने वाला है और साथ में इस सैंपल पेपर में दिए गए सभी क्वेश्चन इंपोर्टेंट है और ब्लूप्रिंट और परीक्षा पैटर्न के आधार इस सैंपल पेपर को तैयार किया गया है और इस पोस्ट में हम आपको इस जारी की गई सैंपल पेपर की पीडीएफ भी आपको उपलब्ध कराएंगे इसलिए आप इस पोस्ट को पूरा जरूर पढ़ें।

MP board Class 10th English Sample paper 2022 {कक्षा दसवीं अंग्रेजी सैंपल पेपर 2022}

Sample Paper 2021-22 



Time: 3 hours                                                     Maximum Marks- 80 

Instructions- 1. All questions are compulsory


Q.1 Read the following passages and answer the questions given below.                                                                            (1×5=5)

There are three main groups of oils-animal, vegetable and mineral. Great quantities of animal  oil come from whales, those enormous creatures of the sea, which are the largest of the animals remaining in the world. To protect the whales from the cold of the Arctic seas, nature  has provided them with a thick covering of fat, called blubber. When the whale is killed, the  blubber is stripped off and boiled down. It produces a great quantity of oil which can be made  into food for human consumption. A few other creatures yield oil, but none so much as the whale. The livers of the cod and halibut, two kinds of fish, yield nourishing oil. Both cod liver oil  and halibut oil are given to sick children and other invalids who need certain vitamins. Vegetable oil has been known from very old times. No household can get on without it, for it is used in cooking. Perfumes may be made from the oils of certain flowers. Soaps are made from  vegetable and animal product and the oils of certain flowers. 


      (i) The main source of animal oil is____.

  1.  whale.      (b) sea weeds       (c) fish       (d) plant 

     (ii) Vegetable oil is mainly used for______.

  1.  Cooking.   (b) Making perfumes. (c) Making soap  (d) Making lubricants

    (iii) The ……. of fish yields nourishing oil.

  1.  stomach.     (b) eyes.           (c) live.          (d) head 

    (iv) The thick protective covering of fat on a whale is called a 

  1. cells.            (b) blubber        (c) skin.         (d) Fins

    (v) Write the noun form of the word ‘protect’ is _____.

  1.  protected.    (b) proactive.   (c) protectable       (d) protection

Q.2  Read the following passages and answer the questions given below.                                                                                (1×5=5)

Mary was blind at birth. Doctors during those years had been unable to do anything to  correct the situation and although her parents lived in anguish, not being able to see was  normal for her. After years of training to live in a dark world, Mary got a job and moved into  her own flat. Several years later the doctors she occasionally visited for check-ups told her  that a new technique had been found. This technique could restore her sight. One would  think that Mary would have jumped at the possibility to see, but actually she was not at all happy about this situation. She had never seen anything before. She had established a life  for herself in a world without sight and the thought of changing this lifestyle was 

frightening. She was more frightened of seeing than of not.


     (i) One who cannot see is called ___.

  1. deaf.        (b) dumb        (c) lame        (d) blind

    (ii) Being able to see was ___.

  1.  something Mary was not happy with.
  2. what Mary wanted.
  3.      a welcome surprise for Mary.
  4.  what Mary was accustomed to.

  (iii) According to the passage, Mary’s inability to see was ___.

  1.  a handicap caused by her doctors.
  2.  what had upset her.
  3.     present from her birth.
  4. what had caused her to move into her own flat.

  (iv) Mary got a job after _____

  1. she could see 
  2. years of training to live in a dark world.
  3.      She had left her studies. 
  4.  The doctors had found a new technique.

   (v) Find out the word from the passage which is similar to ‘pain’ _____

  1.  several    (b) sight     (c) frightened     (d) anguish


Q.3. Read the passages carefully and make notes on them also give suitable title.                                                                           (4×1=4)

In 776 BC the First Olympic Games were held at the foot of Mount Olympus to honour the  Greek’s chief God Zeus. The Greeks emphasized, physical fitness and strength in their  education of youth. Therefore, contests in running, jumping, discus and javelin throwing,  boxing and horse and chariot racing were held in individual cities, and the winners competed every four years at Mount Olympus. Winners were greatly honoured by having poems sung about their deeds. Originally these were held as games of friendship, and any  wars in progress were halted to allow the games to take place. The Greeks attached so  much importance to these games that they calculated time in four-year cycles called  ‘Olympiads’ dating from 776 BC.

Q.4 You are Mayank Sharma studying in Govt. High School, Datia .Write an application to your principal for School Leaving Certificate.                                                                           (4×1=4)


Write letter to your friend inviting him to spend summer vacations with you.

Q.5 Write an essay on any one of the following topics. (In about 150 words).                                                                                    (5×1=5)

1.Wonders of Science 

2. My Hobby 

3. An Indian Festival

 4. A Great  Leader


Write a paragraph on any one of the following topics. (In about 150 words)

1. Importance of English 

2. Importance of Trees 

3. Covid-19

 4. Online education

Q.6 On the basis of the picture given below, describe how we can prevent ourselves from COVID-19.                                                                                      (3×1=3)


Q.7 Fill in the blanks choosing the correct alternatives given in the brackets. (Any five).                                                          (1×5=5)

(I) His father is ______ MLA (a/an/the)

(ii)_____ I take your pen? (need/may/used)

(iii) The patient had died ______ the doctor arrived. (before/after)

(iv) He always ______ on time. (comes/come)

(v) He wanted to ______ an engineer. (become/becomes/becoming)

(vI) Work hard ______ you will fail (but/and/or)

(vii) We went to Kashmir ______ April. (in/on/at)

Q.8 Do as directed.(Any Five)                                              (1×5=5)

         (i). She speaks the truth. (Change the sentence into negative)

(ii) He is rich. He is not happy. (Combine the sentences using ‘yet’)

(iii) Tea is too hot to drink. (Rewrite the sentence using ‘so…. that’)

(iv). Children are making toys. (Change the sentence into passive voice)

(v). The tall man is a doctor. The tall man is talking to my father. (Combine the sentences using ‘who’)

(vi) He taught English. (Change the sentence into Present indefinite Tense)

(vii) Unless you work hard, you will fail. (Rewrite the sentence using ‘if’ in place of ‘unless’)


Q.9 Fill in the blacks.    


(I) What did Lencho think of the post office employees?

  1. rude (b) proud (c) bunch of crooks (d) unhelpful

(ii). Who was daughter of Nelson Mandela?

  1. Nancy (b) Maria (c) Zenam (d) Lucy

(iii)  Nobody came near the seagull for—-

  1. 10 hours (b) 12 hours (c) 24 hours (d) 20 hours

(iv). Where does the ball go?

  1.  in bushes (b) in water (c) on the roof (d) in the jungle

(v) .The poem ‘Amanda’ is composed by-

  1. Robert Frost (b) John Berryman (c) Robin Klein (d) Amanda

(vi) Coorg is famous for _________.

  1.  tea b) bread c) coffee d) green

(vii) What is the mood of the young man?

  1.  sad b) happy c) romantic d) miserable

Q.10(A) Read the following extracts from the prose and answer the questions given below.


The house – the only one in the entire valley sat on the crest of a low hill. From this height one could see the river and the field of ripe corn dotted with the flowers that always promised a good harvest. The only thing that the earth needed was a downpour or at least a  shower. Throughout the morning Lencho Who knew his fields intimately had done nothing  else but see the sky towards the north- east.


(I)  from which lesson has this text been taken?

  1. A letter to God (b) His first Flight (c) Black Aeroplane

(ii) . Where was Lencho’s house situated?

  1. At the foot of a hill 
  2. (b) In the village 
  3. (c) On the crest of a low hill 

(iii) Find out the word, from the above passage, which is similar to the word ‘closely’

  1.  promised   (b) dotted.  (c) intimately

(B) Read the following extracts from the poems and answer the questions given below.


I think I could turn and live with animals, 

 they are so placid and self-contain’d,

I stand and look at them long and long.

They do not sweat and whine about their condition,


(I) Who is ‘I’ referred to in the above lines

  1.  Walt Whitman (b) W. B. Yeats (c) Robert Frost

(ii) . What is the meaning of “placid”?

  1. peaceful (b) jealous (c)greedy

(iii) From which poem have the above lines been taken?

  1.  Animals (b) fog (c) The Trees

Q.11 answer the following questions in about 30 words. (Any six)


i. What made Lencho angry? 

ii. What does Mandela thank the international leaders for ?

iii. Where is coorg?

iv. Why does Anne want to keep a diary?

v. Why was the young seagull afraid to fly ?

vi. What were Lencho’s feelings when the hail stopped?

vii. Why were the two national anthems sung?

vii. What are the elders in Goa nostalgic about?

Q.12 Answer the following questions in about 30 words. (Any two) 


(i) What is a ‘dust of snow’?

(ii) What does the poet compare the branches of trees to?

(iii) What is the colour of young woman’s hair?

Q. 13   Answer the following questions in about 30 words (Any Two) 


(i) Why was Dr. Herriot confident that Tricki will be in hospital soon?

(ii) Why was he wandering in the streets?

(iii) What fresh problem now disturbs Mme. Loisel ?

Q. 14.      Answer the following questions in about 75 words. (Any two) 


(i) Who does Lencho think has taken the rest of the money? What is the irony in the  situation

(ii) How did Mandela’s ‘hunger for freedom’ change his life?

(iii) Who won the drawing contest? What had the winner drawn?

Q. 15.    What is the central idea of the poem ‘Fire and Ice’ ?                                      



Write the central idea of the poem ‘A Tiger in the Zoo’.

Q.16 What treatment was given to Tricki by Dr. Herriot?                                                    



 How did Bholi’s teacher play an important role is changing the course of her life?

MP board 10th english sample paper 2021-22 PDF Download

Sample paper PDF

Note- छात्रों आपको यह पोस्ट कैसी लगी हमें कमेंट करके अवश्य बताएं और इसे अपने दोस्तों को जरूर शेयर करें।

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Keshav Khuariya
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